CBSE 10th Results 2018

All you need to know about the CBSE 10th results of 2018! The Central Board of Secondary Education conducts 12th standard and 10th standard board examinations in the month of March every year. The results of these board exams are usually announced between the middle of May and the first week of June. The 10th standard results are usually announced 7-10 days after the 12th results are announced. The CBSE 10th results of 2018 will also follow the same pattern.

Importance of CBSE 10th Results 2018

Usually, the CBSE 10th results play a pivotal role in the lives of all the students who give the examination. The results pave way to the stream that a student chooses to pursue further education in. This CBSE 10th results of 2018 will be of significance to the students giving the exams, the parents of these children, and the schools which will be opening admissions for their fresh batch of 11th standard students. Obviously, the students who score high marks and are in the top rank can choose whichever the stream they want and be assured of admissions. While students who are ranked lower than their peers may not necessarily get the streams of their choice.

The Date of CBSE 10th Results of 2018

This year, as with other years, the results are likely to get announced towards the end of May after the CBSE 12th results are announced. The actual date of result publication varies and is dependent on the evaluation process. The specific date of result announcement will be published on leading newspapers, on popular websites, and also be announced in news channels. 

Steps to Check CBSE 10th Results of 2018 

The official website to check the results of CBSE 10th of 2018 is Once the date and time of result publishing is announced, students can log into the website to check their scores. They will have to enter their roll number (which is unique) and look at the scores. The hardcopies of the results will reach the schools in a few days of the online result publication. Students can cross-verify their marks/ grades, and then decide to go for re-evaluation in case they feel that they deserve more marks.

How to Apply for Reevaluation of CBSE 10th Results of 2018?

Once the hard copy of the results reaches the school, and provisional marks are available, students used to have an option of reevaluation of their answer scrips. However, from last year CBSE has scrapped the revaluation process and has introduced the re-checking process.

How does the Rechecking Process work for CBSE 10th Results of 2018?

The rechecking process has two options for students who are unsatisfied with their answers and want to check on the evaluation process. They are:
  1. Verification of Marks (rechecking): Here the answer sheet of the student will be verified to see if any questions have gone uncorrected and if there are any totaling errors.
  2. Obtaining a photocopy of the evaluated answer sheet: By exercising this option, the student will receive a copy of their evaluated answer paper. While no re-evaluation is possible, the student can point out any unevaluated answer or other such mistakes within 7 days of receiving the photocopy of the answer sheet.
The candidates will have to pay the fees online at to exercise the options of rechecking. The dates within which they have to do so will be announced along with the exam results.